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Everyone knows that the best way to refine your skills is to practice them often. This being the case, Lynn Webster MD, Pain Specialist and Medical Director at CRI Lifetree has earned the right to be called an expert in his field. Although obtaining a medical degree, completing a residency and starting a successful practice all take an incredible amount of time and effort, Lynn Webster has gone above and beyond to achieve even greater success as a member of the pain resolution medical community. His work to improve the treatments and therapies for chronic natural pain relief has inspired many physicians to approach the treatment of their pain patients with more care and practice. He has also made unique discoveries and contributions to medical literature that have helped up-and-coming pain physicians obtain the training they need to work as pain specialists in the future. Dr. Webster has played an instrumental role in his industry as a strong advocate for safe and effective pain resolution methods.

Dr. Lynn Webster received his doctorate of medicine form the University of Nebraska and later completed his residency at the University of Utah Medical Center's Department of Anesthesiology. Once in practice, Dr. Webster co-founded Lifetree Pain Clinic (now CRI Lifetree) with current President Alice Jackson. Webster is now Medical Director of CRI Lifetree and President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. His passion and skill for his work have led him to achieve even greater success within the medical community for pain resolution through consistent research and work to improve the industry he serves.

One of his greatest contributions to the field for pain treatment was the co-founding of Lifesource. Webster's dedication to providing each and every patient with the safe and effective pain treatments and therapies they need led him to aid in the establishment of this non-profit organization in 2006. The goal of Lifesource was to educate physicians, patients and communities on health issues and fund and conduct research for their solutions. Most of the organization's work focused on developing solutions for pain related, social and scientific issues that would help patients find improved quality of life. The organization's first project titled 'Zero Unintentional Deaths,' was developed to help physicians and patients alike gain a more in-depth understanding of the increasingly serious issue of unintentional overdose deaths related to methadone and other prescription medications. Webster and the Lifesource foundation believed that education was the most powerful tool in eradicating prescription medication overdose. Lifesource was able to make an incredibly positive impact on the pain resolution community before it was closed in 2012 due to the need for attention to be directed to the American Academy of Pain Medicine Foundation.

Dr. Lynn Webster has also expressed his pain management expertise through a number of successes in medical and news publications. He has written many scientific abstracts, journal articles and textbook chapters. His largest publication is his book entitled Avoiding Opioid Abuse While Managing Pain: A Guide for Practitioners. This book was written for clinicians as a guide to sort out the clinical, regulatory, and ethical issues associated with the prescribing of opioid analgesics. It includes step-by-step protocols for assessing patients for the risk of opioid abuse as well as for legally protecting the opioid prescriber. Dr. Webster is currently Senior Editor of the Pain Medicine Journal. He also serves as a reviewer for numerous peer-reviewed journals.

Another tool that Webster uses to share his knowledge of the pain industry with colleagues and chronic pain sufferers is lectures. He makes an effort to attend as many speaking engagements as possible to help fellow physicians prevent opioid abuse and criminal diversion in chronic pain patients. His next presentation will occur on June 25, 2013 at the Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting. Here he will discuss the topic of human abuse liability with fellow physicians attending the DIA workshop.

Dr. Webster has also conducted extensive research that has helped him become a leader in the community for pain resolution. The main objective for Dr. Webster's research is the development of safer and more effective pain treatment therapies. He also aims to educate fellow pain physicians and patients on the intricacies of their pain treatments. The research that Dr. Webster has contributed to the pain resolution community has helped fellow physicians carefully develop treatment programs for their pain patients. One of his major discoveries included a link between pain medications and sleep apenea that has provided medical professionals around the nation with important information needed to properly monitor the health of their pain patients.

Lynn Webster, MD and Pain Specialist has had a long and successful career as a leader in the medical community for pain resolution. The specialists within his field recognize him for his expertise within the discipline and value his insights and opinions on topics concerning pain treatments and therapies. The medical community for pain resolution owes a great deal of its advancement to doctors like Lynn Webster who have worked to make important innovations in pain treatment. Dr. Webster continues to make strides toward the improvement and growth of his industry on a consistent basis. We look forward to his future work and involvement in the industry for pain treatment.


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